October 22, 2012
Please Read, Share, and Discuss.

My sincerest apologies for not updating everyone sooner on the Smith developments.

<Time passes by really quickly, especially with other college apps to do and all the schoolwork in senior year: these are my excuses for not updating everyone on all that’s happened. If it’s any defense, I had planned to update at every step. Just that, yaknow, my homepage is set to CommonApp and I’m just suckered into drafting and writing those essays. Uf…a hard life. I hope you all can somewhat relate.>

So. Onto business. Firstly:

Thank you all for your support, wisdom, questions, criticisms, and words to me. The kind words were (and are eternally) wonderful; the criticisms and advice-comments helped me to get thinking—not just on how to approach Smith, but also on how to realistically approach gender issues in general. For this, I think you all deserve hugs. (You each get Internet-voucher for one *hug*. If ever I cross paths with one of you, remind me: I owe real, physical hugs).

In all seriousness, now. Onto the other business of updates:

It appears I can apply to Smith. I talked with Dean of Admission Shaver over emails, and I received a clear answer of:

“The bottom line is this, you can:  

1) submit all your applications  online as female,  2) submit all your online applications as male and then file paper applications as female to women’s colleges, 3) submit your online applications to coed colleges as male - and then with Common App’s help, change your gender identification to female on your online application and submit it to women’s colleges.  I think you would want to provide more detail in the Additional Information section.

It seems to me that if your teachers provide the language you suggest, all your pronouns would be female and therefore consistent with what Smith is expecting.”—Dean Shaver.


So, that’s that. 

It leaves me thinking, all of it. I still don’t know what to say.

So instead of making a fool of myself with still half-formed thoughts buzzing in my head, as I reread Shaver’s words and think over implications, I leave you with a link to my friend Sarah Giovanniello’s Broad Recognition (Yale’s feminist magazine) article about Transwomen @ Smith.


Please Read, Share, and Discuss.

And if you’ve something to add or something to start a conversation with, repost this blog and say what you need to say.

For now, I say no more. Thanks again, everyone, for reading me and giving your thoughts.


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